5 Best Tips to Beat the Bookmaker Online in Soccer Betting

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Putting bets just for being defeated by the bookmakers in soccer is rather frustrating. All bettors, especially beginners, have felt the pain. Are you one of them? Do not worry. There are tricks to overthrow them. Learn these 5 Best Tips to Beat the Bookmaker Online in Soccer Betting and you will never lose again.

5 Best Tips to Beat the Bookmaker Online in Soccer Betting

  • Don’t Neglect the Basics

Things are never successful when the first step is skipped. Don’t be a fool and check your stuffs:

  • Make sure you have some stash of money to bet. Limit the amount to avoid bankrupt.
  • Use reputable online betting sites like QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies to be sure that you are in good hands.
  • Know the game. Betting blindly without any knowledge of neither the sports nor the betting system will not earn any money. Study the sport and learn the site’s terms and condition.
  • Never rely on your feelings. Having favourites is ok, but don’t let your love kill your chances. Always base your decision with data you’ve earned from researching.

If the four basics are checked, continue to the second step.

  • Get The Statistics

Being full of information of the game rules doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win your wagers. Learn the statistics and the ability of each player and teams. Make sure you know their winning rate and progress as well. Just like how bettors can be lucky, a team victory today may be a simple brush of luck. Don’t let that deceive you. Get to know their true strength to ensure your win.

  • Bet More on Draws

Certain types of soccer have more probability of draw rather than win or lose. If you have done some research, you’ll find more draws than other status in team histories. Look at the odds, the lower the odds for draw, the higher the probability to happen. It’s important to note that game with low scores had more chance to end with draw.

  • Fewer is Better

Betting with bigger variety can ensure your win, but they’re not exactly profitable. In fact, those kinds of bets are bookmaker’s favourite, as they bring more profits to them. Bookmakers tend to lose more money on singles. Try to invest big on singles. You will earn more than any of other betting strategies.

  • Get Multiple Bookmakers

Book markers have big margins for their own profits called ‘The House Advantage’. For every player’s bet, the bookmakers usually put up 5% margin. If you put small bet, it may seem insignificant. But when the wager is big, the winning money will be ripped off. Getting multiple bookmakers is the way to get over this. By doing so, you can choose the best odd and The House Advantage would drop to 1.5% or even lower, depends on the odds you get.

Now you know the 5 Best Tips to Beat the Bookmaker Online in Soccer Betting. Always remember all the five points: do the basics, do research, and seek chance to bet on draws, bet fewer, and use multiple bookmakers. Don’t forget to keep your information up to date and follow the games properly for accurate decisions. Good luck and happy betting!

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