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Sport is the game played by all to relax and enjoy well with the friends and families. In the stressful environment, you can’t find time to play and relax so you can play even at online. It is governed by rules and regulations of the the world you can find a lot of games like badminton, volleyball, basketball etc. Playing each and every game gives you a different is enjoyed by participants and non-participants with large crowds. Gaming gives you good concentration power and improves your body in terms of improving muscle and its strength of the body. In today’s world, you people find to reduce your body fat and calories if you play a sport like badminton gives you to reduce body fat. In this article, you can gain information about the game badminton and its techniques.


Badminton is the game played between two teams using the racquet to hit the shuttle across the can play in terms of singles and doubles. This game is the outdoor activity and it can be played in the yard or on a beach. If the shuttle is passed over the net it is allowed to hit the shuttle only once. If the shuttlecock falls on the ground it is declared as the point to the team. Badminton can be played in the five events like men and women singles, men and women doubles and even you can play mixed doubles. For playing this game player only need strength and speed.

Rules of the game:

A rule of the game is called the law of the game that is the law of the badminton. If you think that competition is to be fair then you should follow the rules and regulations of the game. The following given are the rules to be followed for playing

  • Court should be rectangular and it should be divided into halves
  • According to court rules, it should be marked only for singles.
  • For doubles, court will be wider but of same length.
  • If the shuttle is passed over the net it should cross the service line of the opponent team.
  • During singles, if the server has even pointed you should stand in the right service court and if the point is odd you should stand at the left service court.
  • During doubles, the rally will continue until the service cut. Moreover, the game is played like singles only.
  • Game should be played for 21 points
  • If the receiver is not ready and there is some disturbance then let is called to stop or replay the game without any change in the point.

Techniques to play:

To win the game you should know some techniques. If you are unique in handling the techniques then surely you can win the game without any doubt. Below given are the techniques to be followed and they are

  • Slice your net shot so that shuttlecock will spin while crossing over the net.
  • If you beat the shuttle at the center you can balance the shuttlecock in the air and you may place the cock near the net of your opponent court.
  • Smash the shuttle
  • Always ready for the next move and always you don’t do smashing the shuttle.

Badminton at health benefits:

If you do even small work you will be expecting any benefit for that. Playing badminton gives you more benefits at health side and maintains your body to make fit. Following are the benefits of playing badminton are

  • Decrease diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Decrease the high blood pressure and
  • Prevents arthritis.

Finally, playing badminton helps you to concentrate on your all things. You can play this game at early morning and you will be fitter. This game gives you fun and a good form of exercise.

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