Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

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Sport is the game played all age group people for getting relaxation. There is variety of games found in the world. Each and every game gives enjoyment and colors to the life. In the stressful environment you don’t find to play so you can also enjoy playing at online. If you visit beach you love to play any games at that sport like beach volleyball gives you much more fun and relax to your mind. Here you can enjoy the game with your relatives or can enjoy with your this article you can gain information about the game beach volleyball.

Beach Volleyball

The birth place of beach volleyball is at Waikiki beach which is situated in is played by two teams in the sand court and it is dividing by net. Aim of the game is to send the ball onto the opponent court to ground it.only three times ball can be touched by the players. Rally will continue until the ball goes out of the court or any team misses the ball. There will be four players playing in the sequence manner. First ball is passed by serving over the net. Winning of the game is declared when the players score the point.

Beach Volleyball
Beach Volleyball

Difference between volleyball and beach volleyball:

There will be different in playing indoor and outdoor games. Most of the people like to enjoy outdoor games. Playing near beach gives enjoyment and colors to the life; it gives sweet memories to playing. The major difference in playing volleyball and beach volleyball are

  • Size of the court will be smaller than volleyball court. Advantage of this game is that you can hit the ball from anywhere. Rally will be continuing without distracting.
  • Beach volleyball is very soft, lighter than indoor balls but it will be looking big. Ball is lighter so that you can easily play according to the weather.
  • Indoor game needs six players but this beach volleyball can be played with doubles that is you need person in right and left side. So that you can easily hit, dig and block the ball.
  • Scoring will be same as in indoor game.

These are the differences but playing techniques will be same as indoor game. To win you should follow some techniques and strategies.

Rules of the game:

Beach volleyball has several rules to follow. So you should know the rules of this game. The below given are the rules of this game and they are

  • Surface should be flat as much as possible and it should not contain any rocks or shells.
  • Colors of the lines should be visible to all the players.
  • For this game you should need equipment like antenna, net posts and the ball.
  • Team should consist of male and female players for triples.
  • In beach volleyball you can play doubles, triples and fours.
  • Let can be called in this game like in tennis.

Rules are called law of the game. If you follow the rule only the competition will be fair and easy to score the points in the rally.

Game at health benefits:

Playing volleyball keeps the body fit and healthy. Playing beach volley ball gives more fun and at the same time you can help your body at health side like

  • Helps in improving your joints and bones
  • Can burn fat and calories
  • Flexibility of hand and feet is improved
  • Concentration skills is improved
  • Energy level is increased.

Final words:

By playing beach volleyball you can improve your interpersonal and networking skills. If you plan to have more fun, fit and healthy you can choose playing beach playing this game for 45 minutes you can reduce your calories for about more than 500 calories.

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