Differences between European and American Blackjack Game

Differences between European and American Blackjack Game

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Though the basic rules are no different, there are some differences between European and American Blackjack game. What are the differences? Why should we mind them? How can these differences affect our winning chances? Learn the answers below!

Differences between European and American Blackjack Game

Differences between European and American Blackjack Game
Differences between European and American Blackjack Game

Putting Hole Card After vs. Before Player Done Their Hand

The time dealer’s hole card pulled out apparently differs between European and American Blackjack. American Blackjack let the dealer pulled both starting cards before dealing the bettor. The first card placed face up and the second, or hole card, will be placed face down.

European Blackjack, however, set up their rules so dealer pulls their hole card after they dealt the bettor. This way, bettor may have a better advantage to the dealer because they have the chance to count the cards and predict what hole card will appear.

Two Decks vs. Eight Decks

The European Blackjack only use two decks, which made the game particularly short but easier for bettors to count cards. If bettor wished for a longer game, they can pick American Blackjack instead. They use six to eight decks so the game will be much longer. However, take notes that it will be difficult to count cards on the American version.

Split Ten vs Split Any

The European version likes to create concrete rules. For instance, they only allow cards worth ten values (10, K, Q, J) for splitting. Not to mention, bettor can only use the chance once. The American one is more lenient on this rule. Bettor can split up to three times with any pair of cards they have in hand.

Double 9 to 11 vs. Double Any

Do you want to double your bet? If so, you must pay attention to the total value of your hand when playing European Blackjack. After all, this version only allows us to double down if our hand value is at least nine and maximum eleven. Beyond that small range, the double will be invalid.

Again, the American Blackjack is laxer on this rule. They scrapped the value rule, so bettor can double down no matter how much value their hand hold. So, if bettor thinks they can win against the dealer, they can double their bet at will.

No Surrender vs. Surrender Option

Last but not least, the most obvious differences between the two is the existence of late surrenders. It’s should be predictable which version had the surrender option. Yes, it’s the lax American Blackjack. This option can be used any time before the hole card is revealed. In addition, the bettor will be able to retrieve half of their bet when they surrender, which is a good deal when your hand is obviously not winning.

Yes, the difference between European and American Blackjack game is very subtle. But being subtle doesn’t make them unimportant. In fact, by knowing these differences, we can change our strategies to better suit the game variety and narrow down our chance to lose the game. So, if you want to win better in both version of Blackjack, learn the differences first!

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