Different formats when it come in cricket game

Different formats when it come in cricket game

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Cricket is a game played between two teams having 11 players each. The ancient or the classic format is called as the TEST CRICKET where the game has been played for 5 days by giving two chances to each team.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game and supposed to be played only by gentlemen as it lacks that fierce compared to rough games like Soccer and rugby. Test Cricket is introduced for Gentlemen as it gives enough time for the player to settle down and play as per the player’s convenience. It is normal for players to take consume more deliveries and score less runs on the board.

Different formats when it come in cricket game

Test Cricket is the first form of cricket and used to be played with less protection gear in the olden times and hence, players never risk their lives to face a dangerous ball which has the capability of taking the player’s life. Test cricket may be boring, but it evaluates the patience, the stamina and the strategy of the player or team in getting through the required target. Some of the important tournaments are still active with their own set of fans and history like ASHES.

Different formats when it come in cricket game
Different formats when it come in cricket game

Formats when it come in cricket game

One Day International

One of the most played matches in the history of the game is ODI or One Day International format. This format of the  game plays for one day with a limited overs game. This format allows both the teams to play for 50 overs and the winner would be concluded based on the number of runs. One day International format started with a 60 overs game, but eventually it was reduced to 50 overs where every team gets to play 300 deliveries  by having 10 wickets in hand.

More tournaments came into existence with this format of the game as it can be completed in a smaller span of time compared to TEST Cricket. The World cup was introduced for One day International format and went on to become one of the most popular tournaments in the world. This format of the game is played in coloured Jerseys where as the TEST Cricket is played in white Jerseys. Unlike TEST Cricket, One Day Internationals will have a white coloured ball, whereas the Test Cricket encourages to play with the classic Red Coloured ball.

The One Day International is played during the entire day and day and night. In order to avoid the disturbance in colour, the board has changed the color of the ball from Red to white for only certain formats.Twenty-twenty


One of the most popular formats in the game of Cricket is Twenty-twenty. This format hurries up in no time and ends the game in a span of 4 hours max. Twenty-twenty is a game which limits its teams to play up to 20 overs. Both the teams will have to prove their ability in 20 overs and should be hurried. It has been said that this format is suitable for youngsters rather than a middle aged player.

This format specializes in scoring more runs by consuming less number of deliveries, any batsmen will not get to score many runs, but he needs to score in the least amount of time by consuming less number of deliveries. The Bowler does not get ample amount of time to settle down the track and provide some awesome deliveries. All he gets is 4 overs, which means 24 deliveries and he should prove his ability by consuming the least amount of runs with as many wickets as possible. There are chances that this format may gain an entry in Olympics for its time consumption, it is yet to be confirmed officially.

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