Important of Having a Team in Sports

Important of Having a Team in Sports

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Sports can be divided into a team game or a solo game. Solo game is only affected by the solo player as the reason for the victory or loss is the person playing. The player doesn’t have anyone to put the blame for a defeat.

The player himself is the sole reason for a victory or a defeat. He can’t take the credit of other players also he can’t put the blame on any other person except himself. A player has to be a one man army in the game. One has to act like the lion of the jungle to produce results. Games like chess, badminton singles, athletics and many more have only single players. One man can either make the game or break the game.

Important of Having a Team in Sports

There are people in this world who are not really fond of big teams are aren’t really team players. These games are for those people. Chess which is a solo game has risen it’s popularity in the last few decades and been one the most intellectual games we have in this era. Viswanathan Anand , the face of India in chess has been playing a solo sport all his life and won many medals and championships for the nation.

Also another solo upcoming game which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times is Billiards and snooker. Pankaj Advani a legend of this game represents India in billiard. He has won all the three English tittles for the 8th time in his career. He has a career of brilliants.

Important of Having a Team in Sports
Important of Having a Team in Sports

Having a Team in Sports and its importance

Then there are sports which needs a team like hockey, football and cricket. The dedication and the hard work is done by an entire team of 16 players where normal top 11 are given a chance to play and other are kept as substitutes. The playing are any day given more importance in any game.

To win a game each player is required to contribute his part. And that is how a team finishes with happiness. Due to past few times we’ve seen that most of the times only one player gets the attention and other players are side-lined. When it comes to football there can’t be a better example than C.Ronaldo and Messi.

There wouldn’t be many people knowing their team mates. Their teams wine when they score and lose most of the when they don’t. And apparently this isn’t team work. There are times when a player performs and the credit is taken by the entire team. This is how players get noticed with respect to the entire team.

In India, cricket is played most. Virat Kohli who’s been in sensational form in the last few years. ┬áHe is also given the duty of a captain in test cricket. There are times when the team isn’t in a good form but one of the players are. During the T20 World Cup 2016 nobody except Virat Kohli single handed took India India to the semi finals. The Credit was taken by the entire country.

Also Virat Kohli won the man of series where no one else was even near the title. This is way one player can out shadow other players and also for the positive side the same player can win you the serious single handedly. Something similar happened in 2003 World Cup when Sachin had most number of runs but the team lost in the finals. Because he lost his wicket early. A team game should be played like team game , all players should get equal importance and stature. And players should back each other in the game.

After all , when a team win all the players are happy , and when a team losses the blame shouldn’t only on a single player but the team.

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