Knowing the Differences of a Men Game to a Women Game

Knowing the Differences of a Men Game to a Women Game

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As an avid sports enthusiast, one would always want to experience more of sports. People today have come together in huge numbers to show their support for the women’s game. They might show their approbation for advertising the women’s game but the reality measured in terms of viewership is completely the opposite. Just because the male sex is considered stronger than females, people overlook women’s game to experience what they call the strongest possible game and that belongs to the men’s league.

Knowing the Differences of a Men Game to a Women Game

Even if women are smarter and intelligent no one can deny the very fact that when it comes to attributes like size, speed and quickness; the biological explanation and truth is that women aren’t as physically blessed as their counterparts. Believe it, it’s all about Biology. Even though the women of today are doing everything they can to show that they can run the women the way the opposite gender does, they can’t really do about things naturally gifted to them by the mighty.

It is believed that even though the William sisters, Serena and Venus, top the world women’s tennis rankings; they can’t very surely win over a man with a world ranking of 350. The glamour the tennis women’s strata achieved is a dream for various other sports where it’s difficult for us to recount even one player of their women’s team. Though various leading sports women have been successful enough to bag some of the commercials and sponsors; it’s believed that people still consider one’s glamour quotient more than anything else. This has led to the sports women competing for sports relevant stuff with the queens of the glamour industry.

It would be very accurate to put it this way that there is some deep rooted misogyny which doesn’t let women enjoy the same popularity and status as compared to a man’s game. This world has always been a difficult place for women and every time some dauntless women take a step forward and prove their worth to the masses.

Knowing the Differences of a Men Game to a Women Game
Knowing the Differences of a Men Game to a Women Game

Differences of a Men Game to a Women Game

Another important thing to state is the fact that the popularity of any game depends proportionately with the attitude of the public towards that game. This surely means that more people wish to engage themselves in a sport, more popular the faces of the game become. The notion that investment by top business houses in a country, sport or individual can add popularity to the game is mistaken.

At the end its all about the desire of the public. Sports are no charity that once money is provided to it, it will start functioning in the hearts of people. These stereotypes against women from all sides have to end one fine day with the power of the public. It’s a common saying that the power of togetherness can never be matched.

Once we are born, we are bombarded with stereotypical sexism. Blue for boys and pink for girls; Soldiers for boys and dolls for girls; very importantly being masculine for boys and being feminine for girls. To start with breaking the cage; the women started engaging themselves in sports like golf and archery which involves less of physical strength because women are expected to deliver a soft women like behaviour and not to fight it out on the ground. With the women of today taking up every and any sport, they have been courageous enough to put their foot forward.

No doubt women are more determined and hard working than men. The need of the hour is to realise that given equal opportunities, the women of today can guarantee themselves of a brighter future.

Give women the power to fight!

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