Leading Sports Betting Site with World Cup 2018 Rewards Promo

Leading Sports Betting Site with World Cup 2018 Rewards Promo

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Sports gambling with the use of a mobile device is the newest type of gambling today. In the online sports betting industry, soccer game is considered as the most betted sports game since it has millions of fans all over the world. If you are a fan of this sports game, you better join the leading sports betting site with World Cup 2018 Rewards promo called QQ828 Malaysia sportsbook site. In this post, the said promotion and other features of this top online sports betting website in Malaysia will be discussed.

Leading Sports Betting Site with World Cup 2018 Rewards Promo

Leading Sports Betting Site with World Cup 2018 Rewards Promo
Leading Sports Betting Site with World Cup 2018 Rewards Promo

Accredited by the PAGCOR

Unlike other sports betting websites on the internet that operates illegally, QQ828 has a license and accredited by the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR – a government-owned corporation in the Philippines who authorized a certain gambling website to operate legally. With this license, all members of QQ828 are safe to place their bets on a certain soccer team.

Great customer support

All needs of the members of QQ828 will be catered because this website has a great customer assistance. The customer service representatives of QQ828 works 24/7. Those customer service representatives are so kind and ready to answer all of the concerns of a certain member.

Free app

Online soccer betting in this sportsbook site is more convenient because of the mobile app that it offers to all of its members. This mobile downloading application is free to download and it is also compatible with all Android and iOs devices. This free mobile app that QQ828 offers can be seen in the upper left corner of its homepage.

Event World Cup 2018 Reward Point promo

This year, one of the biggest sports event called FIFA World Cup 2018 is about to happen. Because of this big soccer event, QQ828 Malaysia sportsbook is offering its newest and the best Malaysia sportsbook event world cup rewards promo to all of its members. In this promotional offer, over MYR 11,300 will be given. 3 lucky members will receive different amounts from the half of this rewards and the other half will be given to 400 members.

As mentioned above, 3 lucky winners will get a different amount of rewards. The 3rd lucky winner will receive over MYR 1,100. The 2nd lucky winner will receive over MYR 1,700. And the 1st lucky winner will get MYR 2,400. The members who didn’t get any of these rewards could also get some rewards. 400 members of QQ828 will receive up to MYR 14 each.

The best thing to do to earn a lot of benefits is to join this leading sports betting site with world cup 2018 rewards promo. Of all other sports gambling websites, QQ828 is the only one that offers this kind of promotion. Online sports betting experience is more fun and exciting with this website. So don’t waste your chance to earn huge amount of money and Join QQ828 top Malaysia sports betting website!

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