Money Management for Slot Players

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All of us know and believe that luck is the most crucial part in winning slot games. Undoubtedly it is, proper money management for slot players, can help you win or at least save you from losing everything you have. Having proper plan of what to do with your money and how to do it in casinos can help you play longer and win larger. On the other hand, if you have no management or plan for your money, you may not even notice and you will lose everything. You may play even when you shouldn’t and regret afterwards. Most of us have a habit of criticizing ourselves when the deed is done. Like if I wouldn’t have done this I would be this. So, a proper money management plan can save you from this criticism and obviously save your money.

Money Management for Slot Players

Set a Budget: The first and most important rule is to set a budget for yourself.  Plan on how much you can spend on slot machines in a day. And this helps when you strictly stick to it. Do not cross the budget line, no matter what. Some people have a misconception that if they play on a particular slot machine for the whole day and the slot machine is not giving any wins, it will give all the wins at the end. But this is completely a myth as no matter how many times you play on a particular slot machine the probability of winning remains the same.

Do not get over excited: Once you win a slot, do not get over excited and bet all our money at once again. Think before taking a step and not just bet because you have a lot of money. This may help you end up with a lot money in your hand. Play smart and know when to stop. Save them together with the bonus that you get at Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website.

Save your winnings: If you get a big win, do not get all excited and put back all the money in the slot machine again. Rather save some part of that money and play with rest of the money. This way you at least have some earnings at the end even if you lose all the money you played with. For example, you win $1000 in a slot, next play with 10% of that money and save the rest. This way you will never end up empty handed. This is a win-win situation.

Play through once: this is a method to ensure that at the end of the day you are not bankrupt. You are left with some money in your hand. For this you need to make a plan on how much you have to play with and play with it only once. You can do this by using simple math of diving the total amount by your bet size. For example, if you have decided to play with $50 divided by $.50 will give 100. So, play with just 100 spins on that slot machine and once they are over get up and leave.


Money management for slot players is a very important part of slot machines. If you don’t have a proper plan for managing all the money you win or lose in slot game you may end up empty handed without even noticing. So before moving to a casino, make a proper money management plan and follow it strictly.

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