Roulette Strategy that is Still Applicable in 2017

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When you play the casino, whether online or not, then what you expect is a victory. From many different casino games, one of the most popular is the roulette. Now, not just by playing it live, you can play casino roulette online. To win in the roulette game, here’s roulette strategy that is still applicable in 2017.

In playing The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia various casino games, there are several factors that influence your winnings. These factors include adequate money, good strategy, good skills, and, the most important one, luck. Luck becomes the main factor in playing casino. Without luck, no matter how good your strategy and skills are, it will be very difficult for you to win.

Roulette Strategy that is Still Applicable in 2017

In playing roulette, what you need to know before playing is about the game system. Roulette is a game that uses board and ball. The board is a circle board that has 36 numbers,1 until 35, sometimes with only one 0, or two ‘00’ in classic roulette. The game is played by throwing the ball onto the board, and seeing where the ball stops.

There are various types of bets that exist in the roulette game. The first bet is 35:1, your winning value is 35 times than your money. You can win this by placing your bet on one of the 36 numbers on the board. Next, there is 17:1, which is made by placing your bet on two numbers that is next to one and another. The winning value is 17 times of your bet. The winning becomes smaller depending on how much your bet amount is.

The most common way to bet is to place a bet on color, black or red, and put a bet on the type of number, even or odd. Bet on the number’s group, the first group of 12 digits, second group of 12 digits, and the third group of 12 digits. For the bets on color and type of number, the winnings values are 100% or 1:1. For the bet on the group of numbers, the victory is 2 times from your bet.

After understanding the rules of the game, it is time to set a strategy game that suits you. Until now, there are several types of strategies that are still applicable in playing roulette. One of them is Martingale system. That is a bet system that doubles your bet amount when you lose. The martingale system is played by placing a low bet on first play. Losing each of your round, you have to double your bet in the next round. By assuming that you win in the next round, you will get back all your money.

This system is only used on bets with 1:1 wins. They are bets of red or black, or bets on even or odd numbers because your winning chance is 50% on this bet. For example, in the first round you put $1 bet, and then you lose. In the second round, you have to put $2. If you lose again, you have to put $4 on the next round. Then if you win, then you earn $1 profit. Because you have lost $3 before and then win $ 4, you make $1 profit.

It all depends on your luck. By using martingale strategy, you’ll earn back what you’ve lost by winning once. But if you never win, then you will lose a lot of money. Martingale can be used for safe deposit, because martingale is one of the Roulette strategies that is still applicable in 2017.

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