The most popular formula one sports race tracks in the world

The most popular formula one sports race tracks in the world

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Formula one is the most popular and the most expensive race sports in the world. Formula one catches the high speed with the latest technology. Formula one race is managed by a board called FIA (Federation International of Automobiles), which sets the rule and has the authority to grant and suspend the Formula one racing circuits. The cars, instruments, team and the driver would be the top most in its class. Race tracks are equally important to give a good show. As the car would be speeding at more than 300KM/hour, the roads get heated up and it should have enough capability to hold onto the throttle.

Race tracks are built with utmost efficiency to avoid any kinds of accidents and mishaps. The curves and the turns are to be designed with enough challenging time in place. These curves and bends should not be lethal in a way that it could kill the driver or the car. Too much of a challenge will end up in accidents and the team would raise a concern about the same. These tracks are defined into two sectors called race circuits and street circuits. Three of the most favored formula one tracks or circuits would be

The most popular formula one sports race tracks in the world

Marina Bay is a street circuit where the track would go through the streets and can be found buildings and  houses. The Marina Bay circuit is criticized widely by Formula One drivers for its bumps between the 5th and the 7th turns. The circuit is not much favored for its bumps as well as its hot and humid conditions. Most of the drivers have admitted that the effort taken is as double as other circuits like Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Circuit de Monaco and so one.. Marina bay street circuit takes too much of time for a lap to be finished and it is twice as difficult to complete the race in minimal time.

Most of the drivers complained that the car gets damaged by its bumps on the track. When FIA intervened and The circuit authorities decreased the bumps, but failed to make a good appearance in front of Drivers.

The most popular formula one sports race tracks in the world
The most popular formula one sports race tracks in the world

The most popular formula one sports race tracks

The Marina Bay circuit is one of the popular circuits in Asia for its tournaments and circuit challenges. The circuit is one of the oldest of its kind to host bigger tournaments and lack of qualified staff has put down the popularity among the global crowd.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, race circuits in Belgium

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is shortly called as Spa Race circuit. This circuit used to be the quickest circuit in Europe. It has encountered some of the terrible situations for being unsafe. Most of the drivers warned the Authorities to boycott unless the circuit is improved.  In the year 1960, Belgian grand prix went completely failed due to a series of deadly accidents.

The Belgian Grand Prix in the year 1969 was boycotted by Formula One due to its unsafe facilities and track conditions. The Spa circuit came back hard in a span of a decade with no negative aspect and ever since 1980s, the circuit has been one of the popular race circuits in Europe and highly appreciated for its circuit authorities.

Circuit de Monaco, street circuit, Monaco

One of the most favored street circuits in the world is circuit de Monaco. It takes approximately 6 weeks to prepare the track before the race and takes at least 4 weeks to wrap it up completely. Circuit de Monaco is one of the simplest and testing race circuits. The circuit contains both slowest corner and one of the snappiest spots in the circuit. Turns are usually taken between 200km/h  – 260km/h in regular conditions.

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