The ultimate guide to free running a run expression

The ultimate guide to free running a run expression

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All throughout our lives we come across a lot of obstacles and boundaries which may seem difficult to over come, but what about a sport which let’s you be you. A sport, A discipline which enables you to over come all your inhibitions through your body in motion. our body in motion can not just be a way to live your every day life. Have you thought about letting your body be fluidic in order to deal with the obstacles in your life,  by metaphorically contrasting it with your environment?

The ultimate guide to free running a run expression

free running originated in France by Sebastian Faucan. All his life he read and researched about Parkour. In simple terms free running is an acrobatic and athletic discipline. It enables you to channelize your energy in transforming your body in to a more fluidic way to over come obstacles through acrobats and tricking.  Faucan used the term free running finally in the year 2003 before which he used the term parkour in the underdeveloped phases of this upcoming form of art and sport. There are major forms of martial art in this sport, the moves in this sport are completely fluidic and aesthetic. And only if you’re a practitioner you’ll be able to do the moves perfectly.

The ultimate guide to free running a run expression
The ultimate guide to free running a run expression

‌‌What is the philosophy behind free running?

The philosophy behind free running is basic to understand. The philosophy calls out to every body who has a lot to express. Any kind of human expression such as that of guilt, anger, suppression, emancipation and so many other can be portrayed through movements. It’s a form of sport which enables you to express yourself. And the best part about it is this, that there’s no limitation on the movement of the act.
From where did free running originate?
In westerneurope, there emerged an understanding that moving past your obstacles is your greatest victory and how you over come them is a beauty. George Hebert, observed that the tribes in africa had fantastic athletic ability and he created a natural methodological system to train people in the same way.


Actor jackie chan, had incorporated the same concept of parkour in his movies in the 1980’s. Faucan actually wanted to create a discipline which was more personalized and individual than parkour also much more adapted and suit every individuals goals. He altogether wanted to put in all his experience and develop parkour into a sport.  His idea was first spread in the year 2003 in the documentary ‘Jump London’. He further became famous after collaborating with madonna on the confessions tour along with a playing a cameo in casino royale.

Well, after all that we’ve read what we can analyse is that there’s no limit to expression and art. And at a lot of times it has been proved that art can take form of a sport.

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