Understanding the things about Formula One Race

Understanding the things about Formula One Race

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The Formula One race starts with a practice or a warm up lap, where drivers studies and understands the race track for one last time. Drivers take their own time to understand the turns and points to have a perfect race without wasting much time during the race. After the warm up lap, the race starts with 5 red lights coming one above the other for 3 times with a gap of a second. The car gets its place depending on the performance in the warm up lap.

The race counts with the number of laps completed and the respective time taken. The total distance will roughly be 190Miles. Race authorities will have every right to end the race depending on the weather conditions and facility conditions.

Understanding the things about Formula One Race

Weather conditions can cause dangerous accidents, as the road gets slippery and the calculations and preparations could not result like expected. No driver would be able to control the car, which is going at the top speed ever in the history of automobile at such conditions.

Understanding the things about Formula One Race
Understanding the things about Formula One Race

The things about Formula One Race

Facilities and arrangements can lead to fatal accidents, as the car would not be sensitive enough to reduce the weight to gain speed. Conditions of roads and facilities could delay the race driver and can result in an unfair game.

What happens when the race gets cancelled

When the race gets cancelled, points would be added based on the performance till the end of the race. Depending on the completed laps and time taken, the points would be allotted by race authorities. Every point counts to win the world championship and hence, there will no room for errors irrespective of the number of laps.

It is a rare scenario that match gets cancelled these days as the race authorities would examine the facilities and the weather conditions much before the match and would be in observation for more than 30 days.

Pit stops and the accuracy

There is a management course known as six sigma and it talks only accuracy and the ways to achieve the cent percent result. Six Sigma takes out an example of Formula one racing and the accuracy of  pit stop engineers. Pit stop engineers are supposed to know the problem with the vehicle and fix it accurately as soon as possible. Formula one racing and winning is not only the driver’s game, it is the team work and a brilliant coordination among the staff. A pit stop could get a span of 8 – 10secs and the team should complete a basic service by changing the tires within the stipulated time. A second more taken could end up losing the title. A team member would flag off the driver as soon as the job is done and there are chances that his mess could land the entire team into a pit. Pit Stops team maintains the accurate time or by taking lesser time to ensure the time savings to help the driver instead.

Race Authorities and their duties

As the Formula one race is all about speed, race authorities will play an important role in deciding the results. Since every point counts for the world championship, their decision could have a huge loss for the team.

Race authorities are supposed to have every aspect of race in their hand to ensure that there is no mess among the race. A cancelled race could cost million of dollars to investors and it is important to be fair in such a way that investors could buy it. Race authorities take more than 30 days to evaluate the track, threats from the locals, facilities by the government, the quality of staff, emergency services, medical services and so on.

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