Ways to Know if the Slot Game is not Fair

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Do you fully trust the slot game? It is good knowing that you put your trust on the game especially when you play on Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website, you can guarantee that it is all fair. But, just in case you encounter something suspicious, here are the ways to know if the slot game is not fair. Check out the following ways and be aware of it.

Ways to Know if the Slot Game is not Fair

  • Check the Coin Flip Games

In the past, there were some cases of dishonest games. For example, in January 2013, some casino were found to being unfair to the players. The running coin flip games did not offer a fair deal to them. They showed an advertisement of a 100 percent payouts to players which means the casino does not take any advantage from the money. But, unfortunately, it was revealed that the payout was only 96 percent. So, the first way to know if the slot game is not fair is to check what they offer and whether it is realistic.

  • Check the Percentage

Usually slot games have some kind of mathematical percentage that actually works well for the house. The payout percentage varies and depends on the skill level of the players. But, what certain is the slot game uses random number generators (RNGs) to make sure their odds match the payout. Analyzing the mathematical percentage will indicate the payout be average over time.

  • Check PRNG

As mentioned before, pseudo random number generators are used by online casino to produce random numbers. Thus, the results will be similar to a randomly dealt live hand. In online slot game, the hands move faster which seems of that the frequency is greater that what you normally see. But it is a false perception.

Actually, the hands actually represent a more realistic random deal than games using human dealers. Although it is suggested that PRNG has good security, it should be tested consistently to make sure that no behavior in the game can be predicted by the players. PRNGs are designed that way and have output based on their original algorithm. If you realize and understand about that, theoretically you can determine every output that a PRNG will generate.

  • Check the Online Casino Reputation

This may be as a prevention to avoid such unfair slot game. First, stick to the large well-known brands online casino. Check the license. Make sure it is regulated in your country. Second, play at online casino which is supported by trusted software. Ask for somebody’s help to check the casino payouts and random number generators. Better if you ask an auditor who is allowed to publish the online casino’s payouts monthly. This way, you can be more sure of what you are playing.

Not every casino has a 100 percent honesty. Therefore, some ways to know if the slot game is not fair is important. You do not want to be cheated by anyone or anything, right? So, watch out the game you are playing. Always check and check. Do not only enjoy the game but be aware of what you are playing. Only then, you can have the real fun.

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